More Than Just The Goldfish

Last week I received a phone call. The woman asked if The Residences were pet-friendly. I love this question. “Yes. We are 100% pet-friendly!” (Applause please.) “Ok… so, you don’t just mean the goldfish when you say pet-friendly?” she asked. Absolutely not!  “It’s Zootopia come Dr Do Little. Dogs, cats, birds, pigs, goannas, horses, ducklings; all shapes and sizes are welcome.

Weddings That Truly Love Your Hairy Guests

The same week as ‘Goldfish lady’, I met with a bride who was surprised to find out the hairiest family member (her dog) was welcome at the ceremony and reception. It got my  cogs going. Do we all mean the same thing when we say pet-friendly? How could anyone say no to puppy ring bearers and pooches in tuxedos? The bride shared that some pet friendly venues only offer small, second-rate pet friendly areas with clear off limit areas. And come reception time there is no room for the never-fail doggie hover to scurry under the buffet tables.

Alice & Peter’s Wedding at The Residences. Photo credit: We Are Origami Photography.

Petunia’s Light Bulb Moment!

Pet-friendly is a common phrase. But, certainly means different things at different venues and hotels. To spare yourself the disappointment, ask a few simple questions to make sure you book the right pet-friendly accommodation and venues for you and the fur baby!

Questions To Ask When Booking A Pet-friendly Hotel

  1. Is my pet welcome inside the room or house?
  2. Do pet-cleaning fees apply? If yes, how much?
  3. Is there an outdoor courtyard or secure garden for my pet?
  4. Can my pet be left unattended if I head out for a while?
Alice & Peter’s Wedding at The Residences. Photo credit: We Are Origami Photography.

Questions To Ask When Booking A Pet-friendly Venue

  1. Can my pet access the entire venue space? Find out before you pay a deposit as restricted areas may apply for ‘Doogie The Dog.’
  2. If planning a wedding, check if your pet can attend the ceremony and the reception. Different venues have different pet-friendly policies.
  3. Your pet will get tired during the event. Have a think about who is happy to look after the pet, organise food, water, toilet breaks and where they can rest while you dine and wine…

Until next time . . . Petunia Finks xox

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