Where’s The Finish Line…

Festive pressures, end of year concerts, pre-Christmas get togethers. It’s exhausting and December is only 10 days in. Help me! The inner voice tells me, I need a holiday. But, even that requires effort. Then, it came to me. Why not take the kids away but stay local?

Tourist For The Day

Travel is incredible. But . . . I am yet to hear anyone tell me they love packing suitcases, finding someone to house sit, dog sit, collect the mail. The list is full on. Holidays take serious organisation. And when planning a holiday, most of us abandon our home town. If it’s going to be a ‘real’ break, we need a change of scene. The constant daily rhythm leaves our own cities unexplored. Staying local is a wonderful way to experience your city from a whole new perspective. Be a tourist for a day.

What’s A Staycation

A staycation is a mini-break minus the travel. There are no expensive flights, jet lag, or hours of planning. It can be completely spontaneous and planned last minute. There are many advantages of planning a staycation outside the official holiday season.

Tips For A Staycation:

  1. Book A Sunday Last Minute:  Sundays are generally considered off peak. Enjoy a significant discount and book a Sunday night a few days before the check in date. Kick off the staycation with great accommodation at a great rate.
  2. Search AirBNB For Unique Local Stays: There are some great properties listed on AirBNB. Look for properties that offer a different experience from the usual.  There may be an indoor pool, a million dollar view, or simply be close to local attractions. Staying a night in your own city is a great way to trial AirBNB before you decide to book weeks of accommodation for the end of year family holiday.
  3. Plan A Local Activity: Make plans to do something fun or different during the day. Check in is at 3pm which gives time to plan a family picnic, go to the beach, book a horse riding lessons, or visit those friends you never  get to see because you live on the other side of the city! If the kids are a little older, have dinner out and organise tickets to see an early dinner and tickets to see an evening show.
  4. Ease Into The Week: There’s no fun booking a Sunday staycation to be in a mad rush come Monday morning. Ease in to the week. Have brunch out on Monday morning, lunch orders for the kids and a late start to work. Take the kids to school for recess and rock the half – day in the office.

Make a Sunday Staycation a regular break in the family calendar!

Until next time . . . Petunia Finks. xoxo

Sunday Staycation
Novelty toys like nets, magnifying glasses and jars are always fun. Let the kids go on a nature treasure hunt!
Sunday Staycation 2
Staycations are an easy break from the normal routine.
Sunday Staycation 1
Ice-cream is a perfect treat for any occasion.



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