Finding the right dog is never easy. It can take months or even years to weigh up the pros and cons of various breeds, puppy verses mature adult dog. . .etc. Somehow, the big day is here. You arrive home with the newest and furriest family member. There is excitement and a sense of uneasiness – did we do the right thing?


A puppy shower is a fun way to channel the love-fest while introducing the fur-baby to your nearest and dearest. Invite prospective furry friends and their humans, along with the usual pet-less friends and family. Style an afternoon with pet-friendly treats, dog activities and food for the humans. Family will love planning a unique and special outdoor event for their favourite family member. After all . . . it’s not every day the family grows by  plus one fur-ball.


Puppy Showers are beneficial for you and the pooch. (It’s more than just a perfect excuse to show-off the cutest dog in the world!)

  1. Establish Strong Social Skills: This is an opportunity for your fur-baby to meet and socialise with other dogs. Social skills are vital for puppies to learn early on and assists the development of a friendly adult dog. Make sure your puppy is vaccinated before the big day. If your new dog is older (i.e. a rescue dog) double check their history and social nuances. This ensures there are friendly sniffs and few scuffs throughout the day!
  2. Gifts Are Great: Avoid navigating the huge range of pet foods, toys and accessories. Savour those gifts, especially gifts from the your pet-owner guests. Their thoughtfulness will save you time, money and hassle. Chances are their pooches favourite treat will be your dog’s too!
  3. Cement the Bond Early On: A new dog is a big lifestyle change. This furry family member needs love, attention and care. It is important for the family to adjust to the new dog dynamic as soon as possible. An official Puppy Shower event is a fun way to kick off the new vibe and integrate the dog into your daily rhythm.
  4. Visiting Hours and The Paparazzi: It is exhausting to co-ordinate times for all the visitors craving a cuddle and pat! Puppy Showers are an easy way to let everyone meet the new puppy minus dozens of calendar appointments, as well as provide a safe environment for your puppy to meet new dogs.


A few months ago, The Residences (. . . Sydney’s 100% pet-friendly venue) hosted Bob’s Puppy Shower. The day-time event was styled by Lilac Zhang at Upside Down Events. Lilac’s sheer styling genius truly amazed. A low picnic table was crafted to suit ‘al fresco’ doggy dining. There were personalised invitations and acrylic signs. The tee pees were a cosy and cool place for the dogs to rest during the afternoon. Not to mention, the dog-friendly cake, cupcakes and doggy pops that were inhaled before Daniel at Angus Porter Photography had a chance to take a photo. To top it off, Bob’s Mummy planned paw-printing activities by Ria at Pinta Crafts as take home keepsake from the day. View the action with the below clip courtesy of Andy at Top Chois Productions

We loved meeting Bob’s paw-some new friends including Molly and Lily. Along with Audrey, Monty and Schultz all charismatic and beautiful rescue dogs from Sydney’s Cats And Dogs Home.

Photo credit: Angus Porter Photography


We love this new trend along with dog ring bearers and pet photography! Here are our tips to styling a perfect puppy shower event.

  1. First, find a pet-friendly venue. Remember to check the area is secure for the dogs to be off – leash.
  2. Consider styling with low tables and let the furry friends dine in comfort. It is also a simple way to designate which food is for the pooches vs. the humans!
  3. Cater with food and drinks for the humans too!
  4. Plan a cake! Impress guests and make it official with a Puppy Shower Cake.
  5. Remember to have somewhere for furry friends to rest and stay cool during the event.
  6. Be creative and plan an activity for the dogs. Ideas include paw-printing, a ‘Doga’ class (this is yoga for dogs) or a walk in the park before returning to a canine feast
  7. Design stationary and labels, florals as you would for a human event. It adds a fun atmosphere to the day and makes the best photos!

Until next time . . . Petunia Finks xoxo  


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