It just happened. Your perfect venue is outdoors. The sun beams right now . . . but what if it rains on the day? The last thing you want to do is party in the mediocre indoor venue aka: the wet weather contingency plan. Conversations quickly turn to THE BIG question.  Should we get a marquee?

The Marquee Revolution Is Here!

Marquee events make almost anywhere a venue. A customisable, all-weather solution for rail, hail or too much sunshine. Let’s be real, the Australian sun has its’ challenges. No-one craves shirts dripping in back sweat, or fake tan stains melting on expensive silk dresses! The good news is the marquee industry has completely revolutionised.

Today, there is a huge range of marquee styles to choose from. Opt for a clear roof-top marquee, stylish tipis or modern tent structures. There are marquee options for most budgets and themes. Before you get carried away, it’s important to remember a lot of planning goes into a marquee event. Each event is literally built from the ground up. You will need to decide on a caterer, bar set-up,  furniture, lighting, florals and so on. Despite the pending to do list, the freedom that comes with planning a marquee event makes it all worthwhile.

Marquee events encourage creativity, individuality and are completely worth the effort.

Perfect Marquee Events

1. Have 2 Event Plans 

It’s A Rainy Day Plan

First up, agree on an event plan if it rains on the day. Manage your expectations upfront and feel good knowing the wet weather plan works for you. You may even choose to book a slightly larger marquee. The additional cost is a small price to pay for peace of mind. This way there is ample space for the furniture, drinks and dessert bars, and for your guests to be comfortable without compromising on the size of the dance floor.

It’s A Glorious Sunny Day Plan

With a rainy day plan now organised, it’s time to plan for what the event will look on a beautiful day. The drinks bar may move outside while the grazing tables and lounge pod furniture stay in the marquee. Creating two plans is one way to make sure the styling and layout meets your expectations regardless of what Mother Nature brings on the day.

2. Think Clear Marquees

Clear marquees bring the outdoors in, even when it rains. Guests can see the afternoon sun, the natural surrounds and the night sky all through the clear roof top. The marquee sides can be opened if the weather is nice. Guests can feel the breeze and meander in and out of the marquee during the event. Clear marquees are a great way to keep on a garden theme while ensuring guests stay dry!

3. How About A Timber Floor?

Some marquees have a timber floor option. A magical touch that is aesthetically pleasing and practical. (i.e. helps guests wearing heels stay upright, and a level surface for the furniture.) If you’re undecided on what to do, wait a couple of weeks prior to your event, before locking in a timber floor. Marquee timber floors look incredible, but do chew up the budget. Why not consider having a timber dance floor and keep rest of the flooring as grass? #bestofbothworlds. Grass floors in a marquee enhance a relaxed vibe and is a clever styling decision to bring the outdoors in.

4. Embrace Your Creativity 

Marquees events lend themselves to new ideas and styling. e.g. hanging floral arrangements, camp fires, indoor furniture placed outdoors and so on. Event stylists and the eager DIY host can embrace their creativity with the indoor-outdoor spaces created by marquee events. Whether you go OTT with hanging chandeliers and branches or keep the decorations to a minimum, everything works. The bare structures of some marquees are beautiful in their own right. This coupled with simple timber tables and fairy lights alone can create a magical atmosphere!

5. Time For The Pros

We see many people create the remarkable events from the ground up. One challenge is finding the right team for you. What will you DIY and what will you get the professionals to do? As mentioned in an earlier blog, DIY the elements you are passionate about and call in the professionals for bigger tasks. This will be  money, time and energy well spent, for a stress-free event.

Book a July event at The Residences and receive a complimentary 10 x 15m clear marquee. 

Top Marquees For Garden Events

Here are some of our favourite marquees from past garden events at The Residences.


STYLING: ideal for relaxed events and bohemian themes. PROS:  variety of sizes available. Great to scatter a few in the garden or connect together. CON: Can be tricky to stop sideways rain COST: 10 x 10m marquee is approx. $3,000 (excludes GST.) VENDOR: Nomadic tents


STYLING: ideal for events craving garden themes PRO: Even in wet weather, guests sense the natural surrounds and can connect with the outdoors. The sound of rain on the clear roof adds to the event experience. CON: a traditional marquee structure. COST: 10 x 10m marquee approx. $4,500 (excludes GST) VENDOR: Event Marquees


STYLING:  if you want to do something different Katalane Tents are beautiful. These structures work for garden weddings, product launches and corporate events PRO: A unique option guarantee to get guests talking CON: limited sizes available. COST: 10 x 10m marquee approximately $3,000 (excludes GST) VENDOR: Katalane Tents

Katalane Tipi 10m x 10m
Surprise your guest with a unique tipi at your garden event. Photo: Katalne Tents & Tipis

Final Thoughts:

Marquee events offer versatility and the freedom to style a memorable event for any celebration. Remember to plan for wet weather from the start.  So, whatever weather comes on the day, you can party on without a worry in the world.

Until next time . . . Petunia Finks. x


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