Want a wholesome treat for the dog without going to the pet store? Re-vamp the snack repertoire of roast chicken, wedged cheese in the KONG toy and dried pig ears with this simple Puppy Pop Recipe. 

A quick and easy recipe that is 100% dog-licious! A fiscal and full of goodness option, made with quality ingredients that are light on salt, additives and sugars.


• 1 x banana
• 1/3 x cup peanut butter
• Non-fat plain yoghurt

  • TIP: Opt for a plain yoghurt with no sugar and plenty of probiotics!

• Dog-friendly rinds or biscuits
• Cupcake tray
• Mixing bowl and spoon


1. Mash banana
2. Add yoghurt, peanut butter.
3. Mix and scope mixture into tray
4. Freeze until softly set (approx.30 mins)
5. Remove from the freezer and add dog-friendly rinds
6. Freeze again
7. Surprise your pooch!

Give the recipe a go and tell us what your fur-baby thinks! #besthumanever

Until then . . . Petunia Finks

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