A New Way To Work. Motivate The A-Team.


2018 is going to be the year of productive meetings. We can feel it! As end of the financial year approaches, it is time to think about the upcoming meetings. What can you do differently to drive productivity and team experience?  Here’s my take on what’s happening — and what needs to happen — to deliver productive and exciting meetings as we wrap up this financial year.

Find A Flexible Space

Many people are looking for spaces where the layout can be easily adapted to meet their specific requirements. Versatile workshop spaces, in particular, that break from the common office environment are popular way to lift team spirits and do things differently. These spaces resemble a think-tank set up with comfortable seating options, furniture, décor and fluid spaces to suit meeting style and desired outcomes. We love outdoor venues, these spaces hit the flexible space brief as do venues found in unexpected places e.g. a converted church come warehouse. A flexible workshop space creates a sense of excitement for the team, well before the workshop starts.

Using multiple spaces during a workshop helps the team focus.

Integrate Informal & Varied Spaces For Brainstorming

Brainstorming areas and networking spaces outside the main workshop space provide the best setting for collaborative thinking, idea generation, and interacting. You can improve the workshop experience by incorporating ample time for brainstorming sessions in informal spaces. For example, think about scattering groups of lounge pods in different spaces. Informal spaces and multiple meeting areas keep team moral high and add to the overall workshop experience. Let’s get those creative juices flowing!

Outdoor venues are a great way to deliver new team experiences.
Experience the benefits of working away from the usual office environment.
Style it your way. The wrap around verandah at  The Rangers Residence in Centennial Park.

Go WILD With The Food & Drink!

The catering budget is often tight. Let’s be honest though, we are all bored by wraps, fruit platters and muffins. Let’s turn this approach upside down. Instead of seeing lunch as a compulsory break, why not value it as a real chance for the team to interact, network and connect. Plan a menu that is creative. No need to spend a fortune either, simply find a corporate caterer that offers innovative solutions, food stations and food styling – we know many!

Inside console a handy drink stand with fruit drink dispensers.
Team lunch is a great chance for team bonding.
Lunch anyone? Set up at The Superintendents Residences in Centennial Park.

The Residences ½ Day Indoor – Outdoor Workshop Plan

Outdoor venues are a refreshing choice for the next creative workshop session. The natural surrounds and fresh air can drive engagement and help conversations between team members go off like popcorn. Here is one of our favourite workshop itineraries that incorporates informal spaces, creative catering, a versatile set up and best of all a team bonding exercise.

8:00am: Morning Mindfulness Yoga Class
Location: The Superintendents Front Garden

9:00am: Outdoor Team Breakfast
Food: Healthy buffet with creative catering                                                                      Location: The Superintendents Front Garden

10:00am: Creative Brainstorming Session
Location: Group 1 in The Dining Room
Location: Group 2 in The Backyard

11:00am Outdoor Brainstorming Session De-brief
Location: All groups on The Lawn.

12:00am Creative Workshop Concludes
12:30pm Garden Team Lunch
Food: Pop Up Picnic Hampers
Location: The Superintendents Front Garden

The Residences are excited to launch their versatile indoor-outdoor workshop spaces. Find out more here: www.theresidencescentennialpark.com.au

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